Announcing advanced Klaviyo integration for POPSMASH

Announcing advanced Klaviyo integration for POPSMASH

Since launch, POPSMASH natively supports all email marketing and CRM services that integrate with Shopify to automatically add and update new contacts, including email address, location, gender and more.

But some of our bigger customers asked for deeper Klaviyo integration, like the ability to sync new subscribers to specific Klaviyo lists and have Klaviyo manage all customer communications, including double opt-in emails.

Today we're happy to announce that the optional advanced Klaviyo integration for POPSMASH is now live!

Advanced Klaviyo integration for the POPSMASH Shopify app
Advanced Klaviyo integration for POPSMASH.

When setting up you POPSMASH Instagram giveaway campaign you can now see advanced options when you select Klaviyo. These are purely optional. If you do not set them, your new contacts will still sync to Klaviyo.

If you choose to use this optional advanced Klaviyo integration you can select which Klaviyo list you want new contacts added to, and Klaviyo will handle all double opt-ins according to the settings on that list. This means that POPSMASH will no longer handle double opt-in confirmations and all customer communications will come from Klaviyo.

We're so happy to launch this deeper Klaviyo support for you and hope you love it!

P.S. Are you using a different CRM or email marketing service other than Klaviyo? No problem, we automatically support any service that integrates with Shopify. Read more on email marketing and CRM integration here.

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