Announcing link in bio (biolink) page support for POPSMASH

Announcing link in bio (biolink) page support for POPSMASH

When you create your POPSMASH campaign, you add your entry page to your Instagram profile so followers can subscribe to your email list.

We recommend setting your entry page link as your link in bio for a higher conversion rate, but you may prefer to use a link in bio service like Linktree or Linkpop and at your entry page there instead.

So, today we're happy to announce that POPSMASH now supports adding your entry page link on your link in bio page for your campaigns!

There are dozens of link in bio services, and POPSMASH now supports most of them. We've added a list of link in bio apps we know we support below, but we also expect to support any services that aren't listed as well.

  1. Linktree
  2. Lnk.Bio
  4. Shorby
  6. Taplink
  8. Beacons
  11. eLink
  12. Mshake
  13. Biolinky
  14. Withkoji
  16. LinkinProfile
  17. Linkpop
  18. Luma
  20. Wonderlink
  21. C8ke
  22. InstaBio
  23. ShopGrid
  24. SkedSocial
  26. TapBio

Don't see your link in bio service on the list? No problem, POPSMASH should work with most link in bio services. If you have issues starting your campaign because we can't detect the campaign entry link on your link in bio page, just contact support so we can help!

We're so happy to launch link in bio page support for you and hope you love it!

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