How to get more Shopify sales from Instagram
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How to get more Shopify sales from Instagram

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Instagram has billions of users and is a great place to find prospective customers. But it's sometimes hard to sell products from your Shopify store and convert your Instagram followers into customers. Why? Because Instagram is for discovery, not conversions.

So, how do you fix it? How do you grow Shopify store sales from Instagram?

Why Instagram is for discovery, not conversions

When you browse social media like Instagram or TikTok are you there to buy or be entertained?

Maybe you'll buy something from an Instagram or TikTok ad every now and then, but it's not why you're there, you're there chillin' and mindlessly scrolling. Well, your customers are just like you.

How to increase Shopify sales with Instagram

To consistently drive long-term sales, you need a deeper relationship with your prospective customers. You need to be more than just a blur they scroll past in their Instagram feed.

How do you get a deeper, ongoing relation shop with prospective customers? Get them on your email list!

Email is old fashioned, right? Maybe so, but email marketing is still the #1 marketing channel for Shopify stores and consistently has the highest marketing ROI (return on investment). So, if you don't do email marketing for your Shopify store, you should start! If you're not sure where to start, here's an article on what email marketing to use with Shopify (hint: most small Shopify stores can use Shopify Email for free).

How to convert Instagram followers into Shopify email subscribers

We now know that email marketing is the most effective way to convert Instagram followers into customers for your Shopify store, but how do you get them on your email list? Well, you're in luck, we wrote two articles on how to grow your Shopify email list and how to get leads and emails from Instagram.

The above articles go in-depth, but here are the basics:

  • Do the basic on-site email collection tactics: Turn on the checkout flow email opt-in and include email opt-ins in your Shopify store footer and as a pop-up.
  • Use your Instagram bio link to capture email addresses: You can do this with our POPSMASH Shopify app or any link in bio tool, anything is better than nothing!
  • Use a Shopify quiz app to add a quiz to your giveaway and collect preferences for marketing personalization. Then you can include recommended products in future email campaigns, in on-site upsells and more.

Lastly, as your email list grows, work on improving your email marketing funnel to improve conversions. This includes things like adding clear CTAs to your emails, using nurture campaigns and at a minimum send out a regular email newsletter 1-2 times per month. Anything is better than nothing, just try to be consistent!

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