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How to add a welcome email with Shopify Email Marketing

Shopify Email (Shopify's email marketing service) is cost effective and easy to use. But some basic things like adding an automated welcome email to new subscribers aren't too obvious.

So, how do you send an automated welcome email when new subscribers join your list with Shopify Email?

The trick is that you won't find it in the Shopify email marketing app. Instead, you do it on the Automations page in the Marketing section (Marketing > Automations) as shown below.

Setup automated welcome emails for Shopify Email Marketing in the Shopify Marketing > Automations section.

Once you're on the Automations page click 'Create automation' and you can use a template or create your own custom automation.

Thankfully, there's already a 'Welcome new subscriber' template you can use and customize as you like.

The welcome email template for Shopify email marketing.

Use the 'welcome new subscriber template' and customize it to meet your needs. That's it!

By the way, if you're looking to get more leads, customers or subscribers from social networks like Instagram, we wrote a Shopify lead gen guide here.

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