Sell more with social coupons
Marketing Minute

Sell more with social coupons

Let’s talk about a clever twist on coupons that could seriously amp up your sales. It's all about turning discounts into shared experiences. Ready to dive in?


Coupons + friends = sales magic. Get customers to unlock coupons through activities with friends, and watch those redemption rates soar. It’s like turning a discount into a fun buddy movie.

Buddy Boost: Better together 👯

  • Facebook Frenzy: Imagine getting a coupon because you and your pal rocked a quiz on Facebook. That’s 26% more share-worthy than just getting a forwarded email.
  • WeChat wins: Picture this: You play a game with your friend on WeChat, and bam! You both get a drinks coupon. That's 20.6% more likely to be used than a plain old company-sent coupon.

Why does this buddy system work? 🤔

The relationship recipe: Mixing social bonding with a sweet deal feels more like a fun activity and less like a transaction. It's like adding a pinch of friendship to the marketing mix.

But wait, there's a catch... ⚠️

  • Cultural cocktail: Depending on where you are, the blend of friendship and finance might stir up different reactions. Context matters!
  • Pandemic ponderings: The research was done during the pandemic peak, so people were craving more social interaction. Post-COVID, this desire might have shifted, but the concept of shared experiences still holds strong.

How to unleash the power of social coupons 🚀

  1. Create engaging activities: Online quizzes, games, or challenges that friends can do together. It’s like hosting a virtual party with a prize at the end. If your using Shopify try Popsmash to make a quiz.
  2. Physical business? No problem: If you're running a brick-and-mortar shop, think about offers that customers can unlock by bringing a friend. It could be as simple as a "Bring a friend for a workout and unlock a discount" at your gym.
  3. Frame it right: Position your coupon as a way to enhance social bonds. It's not just a coupon; it's an excuse to hang out. Think of it as a “Celebrate Friendship” discount.
  4. Altruistic angle: If creating an activity isn't feasible, frame your coupon as a gift. “Give your friend $20 off” sounds way better than “Get $20 off.”

Remember, the goal here is to make your customers feel like they’re getting more than just a discount – they're getting a shared experience. It's turning a simple transaction into a memorable moment.

That's all for this week! Try out these social coupon strategies and let’s turn those discounts into delightful experiences. Who knew saving money could also be about making memories?

Want to learn more? 🤓

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can dig into the nerdy details in the original marketing study.

Quote of the week 💬

"Give a coupon, gain a customer. Make it shareable, multiply your reach!"

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