Should every Shopify store have a product recommendation quiz?
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Should every Shopify store have a product recommendation quiz?

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Here's the question: Should every Shopify store have a product recommendation quiz?

It depends, but 90% of the time, the answer is YES! Let's talk about why.

Your products exist to solve your customers' problems

People shop to solve a problem that your product could solve:

  • If they pick the right product: Happy customers, more sales, and more word of mouth.
  • If they pick the wrong product: Unhappy customers, returns, and less word of mouth.

You want your customers to be happy, and they want to be happy too.

The right product for the right problem

Now, if you have a single product or just a few distinct products, then this is relatively easy.

But what if you have many products? Or even if you have relatively few products that are similar or hard to choose between? Beauty products, supplements, etc., for example.

How do you make sure customers pick the right product every time?

You know your products, but your customers don't. If you rely on yourself or your staff to answer every customer question, you're limited by how many questions you can answer.

It's also likely that most customers don't want to hassle with talking to someone.

That's where product recommendation quizzes help: They ask the right questions and recommend the perfect products to your customers—every time.

Do product recommendation quizzes work?

Yes! Product recommendation quizzes are proven to increase conversions (CVR), average order value (AOV) and reduce returns.

Here are some anonymized results other Shopify stores achieved with product recommendation quizzes:

  • A haircare brand increased its Shopify store conversion rate (CVR) by 41%.
  • An apparel brand slashed product exchanges & returns for their Shopify store by 93%.
  • A cosmetics brand grew social media ad revenue by 200% with a Shopify quiz.
  • A home goods brand grew average order value (AOV) 60% educating customers with a quiz.
  • A wellness brand increased email opt-ins by 1,500% to have their best Black Friday ever!
  • A hobby arts and crafts brand increased average order value (AOV) by 47%.
  • An international women's apparel brand grew sales by over 37% in just 60 days.
  • A beverage brand sold $500,000 in products in 30 days by personalizing with Shopify quiz data.
  • A food brand more than doubled (2X) revenue attributed to email marketing.
  • A cosmetics brand doubled (2X) conversion rate and tripled (3X) email opt-ins.
  • A haircare brand added over 100,000 new email subscribers to their email list in record time.
  • A health brand grew sales by 15% with a 25% Shopify quiz conversion rate.
  • A new beauty brand increased average order value (AOV) for their Shopify store by over 22%.
  • A wellness brand used a Shopify quiz to understand customers and grew revenue by 10%.

Pretty awesome, right?

Here's the truth: If you're not using a product recommendation quiz for your Shopify store, you're probably leaving money on the table!

So, give it a shot and see how well it works for your store.

How to pick a product recommendation quiz for your Shopify store

There are dozens of product recommendation apps in the Shopify App Store, so which one is best for you?

Everyone's favorite answer: it depends on what you need. Most people opt for speed (the app that helps them launch a quiz the fastest) since so many Shopify quiz apps take hours to set up due to their complexity.

Lucky for you, we reviewed the top Shopify quiz apps here so you can pick the right one for your store.

Now it's your turn. I hope I've convinced you to at least try Shopify product recommendation quiz apps to see how they can help you boost sales and reduce returns!

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