Use 'Special Days' with promos to boost sales
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Use 'Special Days' with promos to boost sales

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Have you ever wondered if your promotions would be more exciting if they were tied to special marketing days like National Donut Day?

Spoiler alert: They would be! Let's dive in to understand how you can take advantage of it to boost sales.

"National Sock Puppet Theater Day" isn't real...but it should be

Why settle for a boring "Summer Sale" when you could be celebrating "World UFO Day" with discounts on all things, well, out of this world? Special days give your promos that extra oomph.

People are almost 2x more likely to click on a promo linked to a special day. For example, a dog gear company saw clicks jump from 10% to 19.3% when they tied a sale to the anniversary of their mascot's rescue.

Why does this work? 🤔

Research shows that people dig promotions tied to quirky special days. It's like throwing a themed party, everyone just has more fun!

So use those special days to stand out and get on your customers' calendars. They're the peacocks of the marketing world—flashy and hard to ignore. Plus, they make customers feel good, and happy customers are buying customers.

Ideas for special days that drive sales

So, what should be your special days? Well, you have options. For example, you could use existing days like "Talk Like a Pirate Day," make up your own like "Amazon Prime Day," or personalize it like "Happy 1-Year Customer-versary!"

Other (awful) examples:

Fashion & Apparel Health & Beauty Home & Furniture Electronics & Tech Food & Beverage
National Wear Two Different Shoes Day National Bad Hair Day National Assemble IKEA Furniture Blindfolded Day National Forgot to Charge Day National Eat a Weird Food Combo Day
Bad Fashion Throwback Day International Overdone Makeup Day World Crooked Picture Frame Day World Accidental Selfie Day International Spill Your Drink Day
International Zipper Malfunction Day National Forget to Moisturize Day National Hideous Wallpaper Appreciation Day International Delete Your Work Day National Overcooked Pasta Day
National Inside-Out T-Shirt Day World Fake Tan Fail Day International Mismatched Furniture Day National Screen Freeze Day World Burnt Toast Day
Global Fanny Pack Appreciation Day National Toothpaste in the Beard Day National Dust Bunny Adoption Day Global Drop Your Phone in the Toilet Day National Accidental Vegan Day
National Mismatched Socks Day International Smudged Mascara Day World Overwater the Plants Day National Lost Remote Day International Too Much Salt Day
World Velcro Appreciation Day National Double Winged Eyeliner Day National Clashing Tablecloth Day World Tangled Cables Day National Forgotten Grocery Item Day
National Ugly Sweater Day World DIY Haircut Regret Day International Stain the Carpet Day International "Is it On?" Day World Dropped Ice Cream Cone Day
International No Pants Day National Accidental Shave-a-Brow Day National Forgotten Laundry Day National Accidental Software Update Day National Eat with the Wrong Utensil Day
National Pajama Chic Day International Use All Your Perfume Day World Broken Dish Celebration Day World Lost WiFi Connection Day International Chew with Your Mouth Open Day

Feel free to use these for some fun and engaging marketing campaigns...but hopefully you can come up with some that are better 😛

Things to watch out for

If you decide to try this out, there are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Not all days are equal: Your "World Vegan Day" promo won't fly at a steakhouse.
  2. Don't overdo it: If every day is special, then no day is special. Don't overuse this tactic.

If you over use special days, the top slogan of the next presidential campaign might be "Make special days special again!" (see what I did there? #dadjokes)

Here's how to do it

  1. Calendar check: Find upcoming special days that align with your brand to fill the gaps between existing holidays
  2. Get Creative: Create your own special day if nothing fits, anything but "Add to Cart, But Never Checkout Day"
  3. Personalize: Use customer data to celebrate individual milestones. "Happy 100th Login Day" or "We Know You Looked at This Item 3 Times, Just Buy It Already" could be a thing...but might be a little creepy.

So, go ahead, make every day a special promo day (ok, not every day...). Until next week, keep those creative juices flowing!

Want to learn more? 🤓

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can dig into the nerdy details in the original marketing study here.

Quote of the week 💬

"Made-up holidays are the marketing world's version of 'Because I said so.' No real reason, but hey, it works."

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