POPSMASH Instagram giveaway prize

We help brands do safe & effective giveaways on Instagram.

Instagram giveaways are one of the best ways to grow & engage your audience, but they are hard to do right & meet regulatory requirements.

That's why we built POPSMASH VIP — a trusted 3rd party to validate entries & draw random winners.

With POPSMASH VIP, you get concierge service & even help planning your giveaway if desired.

We're based in the United States & operate globally. We're also one of the few corporations approved by Facebook/Instagram to use the official APIs.

Giveaways are messy.
We make them safe & effective.

🛡️ Protect Your Brand

Run a giveaway you can be proud of with a validated, trusted 3rd party partner.

✅ Validated & Secure

Truly random, validated winner selection that holds up to governmental regulations & public scrutiny.

🔒 No Privacy Risks

No collection of private customer data on your servers to keep your customers' data safe.

Ready to get started?

Contact us here or email us at sales@popsmash.com.