How Fitness Creators Can Make More Money

Explore dozens of ways for fitness creators to earn more.

Maximize Your Earnings as a Fitness Creator

There are multiple opportunities for fitness creators to earn more money, from paid courses, memberships and more.

Every fitness creator is different, so the best monetization model for you depends on your preferred  format. audience size, niche and more.

It also depends on personal preference. You want a monetization model that is sustainable, so you don't burn out!

The most lucrative monetization models are those that scale well and generate recurring income, like subscriptions, recorded training you can repurpose, reusable programs and more.

When starting out you might prefer to focus on just one approach, but as you grow, you'll want to incorporate other monetization methods. Not only does this keep things fresh to reduce burnout, but it also diversifies your revenue streams.

The future is bright for fitness creators

This is such an exciting time for fitness creators like you with more opportunities than ever to earn a living from your talents and the following you’ve built.

We’ve found a few monetization options for fitness creators and shared them below!

Ways for Fitness Creators to Earn More Money

Fitness creators have multiple opportunities to monetize, from paid content, to workout courses, memberships and more.


Sell fitness & training subscriptions.



Sell workout programs & memberships.

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