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Below you can estimate the new revenue & ROI  generated by converting your Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Shopify revenue & roi calculator

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How estimates are calculated

Follower growth, giveaway entry & email opt-in rates are based on data from thousands of Instagram giveaways. Revenue per email opt-in data is provided by Klaviyo & assumes a weekly email newsletter. Data is extrapolated over 12 months and assumes 1 Instagram giveaway per month to estimate annual attributable revenue & ROI.

Instagram follower growth rate ℹ️The percentage that your Instagram following is expected to grow from each Instagram giveaway. This compundeds monthly & assumes just 1 giveaway per month.
Instagram giveaway entry rate ℹ️The percentage of your Instagram following that is expected to enter your giveaway.
Instagram email opt-in rate ℹ️The percentage of Instagram users entering your giveaway that are also expected to subscribe (opt-in) to your email list. All subscribers are validated by double opt-in.
Welcome email revenue/opt-in ℹ️The average revenue per recipient expected from welcome email flows sent to new subscribers.
Campaign email revenue/opt-in ℹ️The average revenue per recipient expected from campaign emails. The revenue & ROI estimates assume a weekly email campaign.
Revenue & ROI
New monthly email opt-ins ℹ️The average estimated new email opt-ins monthly attributable to each Instagram giveaway campaign. -
New annual attributable revenue ℹ️The average estimated new revenue over 12 months attributable to running one monthly Instagram giveaway with POPSMASH. -
Monthly POPSMASH cost ℹ️The cost of using the POPSMASH Shopify app each month. -
Annual POPSMASH ROI ℹ️The average estimated ROI of using POPSMASH to get new email subscribers. -

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Additional information about the calculator & data.

How accurate are these estimates?
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The data the estimates are based on comes from over 100,000 ecommerce businesses that've sent millions of emails and run thousands of Instagram giveaways.

However, they are averages, which means your results could be higher or lower. It also assumes you:
1. Run at least one well-executed Instagram giveaway campaign a month.
2. Send a quality weekly email newsletter.
3. Have a healthy email marketing funnel.

Further, the estimate only includes welcome and campaign emails. Other emails, like cart abandonment, etc., are even more valuable and could significantly increase revenue and ROI. Running more than one giveaway a month (e.g., as a collab with influencers or other businesses) could also significantly increase your results.

What email marketing services does this work with?
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POPSMASH is a Shopify app, so it works with any email marketing service that integrates with Shopify. To get the best results you should have a solid email marketing funnel set up to make the most of new opt-ins.

How do I know the email opt-ins I get are high quality?
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All email opt-ins are validated via a double opt-in email we send to the email address users enter. This ensures that users are not entering fake email addresses. Users do not receive credit for opting-in until they pass the double opt-in validation check.

What campaign validation is included?
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POPSMASH validates a few different things to ensure you get high quality lead data:
1. Users are required to login with Instagram to validate their Instagram user account.
2. Users are required to comment and tag friends on your post, which we validate via Instagram's official API.
3. Users are required to enter a valid email address, which we validate via double opt-in (they must click a link in an email we send to the address they provide).
4. We associate the user's Instagram account with their email address to validate full entries and help you better understand your customers.

What Instagram post formats are supported?
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We support most Instagram post types, including Reels.

How do I get results like these?
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We built the POPSMASH Shopify app (launching soon) to make this type of social lead generation easy. It has a free trial and offers a free plan so you can try it free. It works with any email marketing provider that integrates with Shopify.

What social networks are supported?
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The data used in the estimates is based on data from Instagram marketing campaigns. However, we will add Facebook support next and plan to support all major social networks like TikTok, Youtube, etc. in the future.

What ecommerce platforms are supported?
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The data used in the estimates is from two sets of platforms:
The Instagram giveaway data is purely from Shopify stores.
The email marketing data is from 100,000+ ecommerce stores using multiple ecommerce platforms, but Shopify makes up the largest portion of the sample.

We have plans to support all major ecommerce platforms in the future.

Is the data I get first-party data?
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Yes, all data collected through campaigns like email address, location and gender is first party data because your customers are directly sharing it with you and it is synced directly to your Shopify store.

Are email addresses validated?
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Yes, we check every email address with double opt-in to ensure they are valid and not fake. Followers do not receive credit (bonus entries) unless their email address is validated.

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