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I'm having trouble logging in or connecting to Facebook/Instagram

UPDATE: 2/19/2024

Facebook/Instagram recently made an update and unintentionally broke some users' ability to connect Instagram accounts.

That's what makes this issue so challenging: It's hard to know which accounts will be impacted and when.

For now, most users appear to be unaffected, but once your Facebook token expires, you may not be able to reconnect your Instagram account to POPSMASH.

How to know if you're impacted

The issue only appears 1) when you attempt to start a new Instagram campaign and 2) if Facebook/Instagram invalidates your authentication token, forcing you to re-authenticate. At this point, sometimes, when you try to reauthenticate, we'll only get empty data, which means we cannot connect to your Instagram account.

Can this issue be fixed?

Currently, the only way to fix this is to rebuild how authentication in the app works. This is a free app, so we're unable to invest in making those changes right now since we're focused on supporting our paid Shopify app.

So, for now we've delisted POPSMASH in the iOS app store. Users who still have the app can still use it until Facebook expires their app token. But once that happens, they may no longer be able to use the free POPSMASH iOS app.

Other troubleshooting tips

Having trouble logging in?

Check Instagram account configuration

First, make sure your Instagram account is configured correctly:

  1. A free Instagram Creator or Business account (you can turn this on for any Instagram account).
  2. Connect your Instagram Creator or Business account to a Facebook page. See how to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page here.

If you confirmed that your Instagram account is configured correctly and you're still having login issues, then it may be related to permissions.

Remember: Confirm your Instagram account is still connected to a Facebook page.

Review required permissions

By default, the app requests the permissions it needs at first login. If these are modified or incorrectly set, you may see an image like this:

Login permissions error message
Login permissions error message

If you're seeing a message similar to the above, then updating your permissions may fix the issue. To update your permissions try logging into the app again and select Edit Settings on the Facebook permissions screen:

App login permissions
App login permissions

Next, make sure the Instagram account(s) you want to use is selected:

Setting authentication permissions
Setting authentication permissions

Next, ensure the Facebook page associated with your Instagram account is selected:

Setting authentication permissions
Setting authentication permissions

Lastly, ensure the app has the permissions it needs:

Setting authentication permissions
Setting authentication permissions

If you follow the above instructions you should now be able to log into the app.

But sometimes, even if you do everything right, there may still be issues. We use Facebook/Instagram's login system, so unfortunately we can't control if they are having issues that prevent logging in.

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