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Why was my Instagram giveaway canceled?

This article only applies to the iOS app and NOT the web picker, though both will fail for similar reasons.

Your giveaway could have been canceled for a few reasons, let's go over them.

You converted to a Business or Creator account after posting

A free Instagram Business or Creator account is required to use the Instagram giveaway app. If you convert your account to a Business or Creator account AFTER posting your giveaway, then your giveaway will automatically get canceled (though you can restart it any time). Posts can only be used if they were created by Business or Creator accounts. This is a limitation in the Facebook/Instagram API.

Your Facebook or Instagram account is disconnected

If you had an active giveaway and your Facebook/Instagram account was disconnected, your giveaway is automatically canceled. Once your Facebook/Instagram account is reconnected to the app you can re-add your giveaway to pick up where you left off. We'll automatically catch up and track any new comments that happened in the interim.

Why was my account disconnected?

The most common reason for this is accidentally removing POPSMASH from your Business Integrations in Facebook or deleting/revoking access to applications.

How do I reconnect my account?

You can reconnect your account by logging into the app again.

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