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Build your contact list, generate leads, and make more Shopify sales with ConvertKit.

How it works

Supercharge your ConvertKit list building in 3 steps


Set quiz goal

Choose what kind of product recommendations customers should get in your quiz.


Generate quiz

Best-in-class AI generates a quiz with perfect questions & answers for your customers.


Sell more!

The quiz collects emails & makes smart recommendations on your store  & socials to grow sales.

Measure performance

Track performance & conversion rates

Make the most of your Shopify marketing dollars with POPSMASH for visibility into how your social media efforts are growing your ConvertKit email list and generating leads.

POPSMASH lead generation dashboard
Spam & fraud protection

High-quality, validated contacts every time

We validate new ConvertKit contacts to help reduce fraud and fake email addresses. Higher quality leads drive higher ROI.

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Engagement Validation

We validate social media to email list conversions while blocking spammers and fraud for higher list quality ConvertKit.

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Real Customer Intelligence

Understand customers better by connecting social accounts with email addresses, location information and more in ConvertKit.

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Double Opt-In Verification

Email addresses are validated with double opt-in verification as they are collected to build a high quality ConvertKit list.

10X ConvertKit ROI today

Email marketing is the most effective way to convert Shopify customers. Supercharge your ConvertKit list-building efforts with POPSMASH today!