Track your quiz recommendation funnel with

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track events in your Shopify store's product recommendation funnel.

How it works

Start tracking product quiz events in 3 steps


Set quiz goal

Choose what kind of product recommendations customers should get in your quiz.


Generate quiz

Best-in-class AI generates a quiz with perfect questions & answers for your customers.


Sell more!

The quiz collects emails & makes smart recommendations on your store  & socials to grow sales.

Measure performance

Track performance & conversion rates

Make your Shopify marketing dollars count. POPSMASH gives you the best way to turn window shoppers into paying customers.

POPSMASH lead generation dashboard
Spam & fraud protection

High-quality, validated contacts every time

Spam, fraud & fake contact information are rampant online. We validate every new email subscriber and contact for you.

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Engagement Validation

Social media actions like comments and tags drive engagement. We validate and track these in your Instagram campaigns.

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Real Customer Intelligence

Better understand your customers by associating Instagram accounts with email addresses, location information and more.

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Double Opt-In Verification

All email addresses are validated with double opt-in verification as they are collected to ensure they are real and not fake.

Track quiz funnel events with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track your quiz conversion funnel and start growing your conversion rates and average order value today!