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Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers on Shopify.

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Up to 200 validated email subscribers/mo.
Ideal for Instagram accounts with up to 50,000 followers.


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Up to 1,000 validated email subscribers/mo.
Ideal for Instagram accounts with up to 300,000 followers.


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Enterprise Plus

Up to 10,000 validated email subscribers/mo.
Ideal for Instagram accounts with up to 3,000,000 followers.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For fast answers to common questions, see our FAQ below and visit our help site here for more tips.

How do I know if this is right for me?
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We built a Shopify Revenue & ROI calculator based on data from over 100,000 ecommerce stores so you can see for yourself!

Do you offer a free trial?
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Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial.

What do I need to use POPSMASH?
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You just need a Shopify store and a professional Instagram account (Business or Creator).

Are there charges for going over my plan limit?
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No, there are no overage fees for exceeding plan limits.

How do I know the email opt-ins I get are high quality?
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All email opt-ins are validated via a double opt-in email we send to the email address users enter. This ensures that users are not entering fake email addresses. Users do not receive credit for opting-in until they pass the double opt-in validation check.

How many campaigns can I run?
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There's no limit to how many campaigns you can run. The only limit is how many campaigns you can run at a time. If you're on our Enterprise Plus plan contact us if you need multiple simultaneous campaigns.

What campaign validation is included?
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We validate a few different things to ensure you get high quality lead data:
1. Users are required to login with Instagram to validate their Instagram user account.
2. Users are required to comment and tag friends on your post, which we validate via Instagram's official API.
3. Users are required to enter a valid email address, which we validate via double opt-in (they must click a link in an email we send to the address they provide).
4. We associate the user's Instagram account with their email address to validate full entries and help you better understand your customers.

What Instagram post formats are supported?
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We support most Instagram post types, including Reels.

Who is POPSMASH best for?
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POPSMASH is best for Shopify stores with an Instagram following who want more email subscribers.

What plan should I start with?
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Plan usage varies depending on the number of followers, conversion rate, campaign details, and more. But here are some averages based on historical data to help you decide which plan to start with:

Starter: Up to ~50,000 Instagram followers
Growth: Up to ~300,000 Instagram followers
Enterprise Plus: Up to 3,000,000 Instagram followers.

Plans with higher limits and custom plans are available if needed, just contact us!

Are there custom plans available?
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Yes plans with higher limits and for custom needs are available, just contact us.

Is the data I get first-party data?
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Yes, all data collected through campaigns like emailaddress, location and gender is first party data because your customers aredirectly sharing it with you and it is synced directly to your Shopify store.

How do I get the email lists to use with my email marketing service or CRM?
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We automatically create new Customers records in Shopify for all new email subscribers that do not match an existing customer. This also means that any email marketing software or CRM that integrates with Shopify can also access these customer records.

For maximum flexibility we also provide a CSV export of all email addresses that are collected so you can import them into your email marketing service. CSV import is accepted by all email marketing services like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Klaviyo, etc. so no matter what email marketing service you use, we have you covered!

Do you validate email addresses?
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Yes, we check every email address with double opt-in to ensure they are valid and not fake. Followers do not receive credit (bonus entries) unless their email address is validated.

Do you offer support?
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Yes, we provide support for paying customers via email and through our in-app chat. Our Enterprise Plus customers also receive support via phone and Zoom if desired, especially for large campaigns.

We've also added tips on getting started and answers to other frequently asked questions on our help site here.

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Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers on Shopify.

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