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500 engagements/mo.
All plans include:
• Unlimited quizzes
• CRM Integrations
• Quiz results URL
• Social giveaways
• Collect emails
• Personalization data
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2K engagements/mo.
Everything in Starter plus:
• More engagements
• Email validation
• Google Analytics
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5K engagements/mo.
Everything in Growth plus:
• More engagements
• Priority access to customer support
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20K engagements/mo.
Everything in Business plus:
• More engagements
• VIP support
• White label
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For fast answers to common questions, see our FAQ below. Visit our help site here for more tips.

Can I really create a quiz in 5 minutes?
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Yes, we leverage cutting-edge AI trained on three years of proprietary data with our own custom model. This enables unparalleled results that give you better quizzes faster.

Do you offer a free trial?
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Yes, all plans have a 14-day free trial.

What do I need to use POPSMASH?
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You just need a Shopify store.

How do I know the email opt-ins I get are high quality?
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All email opt-ins are validated via a double opt-in email we send to the email address users enter. This ensures that users are not entering fake email addresses. Users do not receive credit for opting-in until they pass the double opt-in validation check.

How do I know my quiz is optimized?
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COMING SOON: When we generate your quiz we automatically create multiple versions of it to ensure we're giving you the best chance to convert and drive AOV.

We also use metrics like conversion rate (CVR) and average order value (AOV) to better optimize your quizzes.

Can I A/B test (split test) my quizzes?
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COMING SOON: Yes, all quizzes are automatically A/B tested to ensure that you're getting optimal results.

Do you really guarantee results?
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Yes. I'm Gabe, the founder, and I am writing this--not some marketing team. I want you to love our product as much as we loved building it for you.

If you're not happy with POPSMASH even after your free-trial ends, email me or contact support within the first month and I will personally refund your payment.

How are quizzes created?
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Our AI creates quizzes by understanding what your offer (your products), then understanding a customer's needs to dynamically recommend the best product for them.

Are custom plans available?
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Yes plans with higher limits and for custom needs are available, just contact us.

Is the data I get first-party data?
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It's actually 'zero-party data' because it is data that customers proactively share with you. All data is synced directly to your Shopify store and any connected applications.

How do I get the email lists to use with my email marketing service or CRM?
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We automatically create new Customers records in Shopify for all new email subscribers that do not match an existing customer. This also means that any email marketing software or CRM that integrates with Shopify can also access these customer records.

Do you validate email addresses?
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Yes, we check every email address with double opt-in validation to ensure they are valid and not fake. Followers do not receive credit (bonus entries) unless their email address is validated.

Can I integrate with Google Analytics?
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Yes, your quizzes are automatically support Google Analytics. Gtag interaction events are natively built-in to your quizzes to understand how your customers are interacting with your quiz.

Do you offer support?
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Yes, we provide support for paying customers via email and through our in-app chat. Customers on our Plus plan also receive support via phone and Zoom if desired, especially when running large campaigns.

We've also added tips on getting started and answers to other frequently asked questions on our help site here.

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