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Instagram follower growth rate ℹ️The percentage that your Instagram following is expected to grow from each Instagram giveaway. This compounds monthly & assumes just 1 giveaway per month.
Instagram giveaway entry rate ℹ️The percentage of your Instagram following that is expected to enter your giveaway.
Instagram email opt-in rate ℹ️The percentage of Instagram users entering your giveaway that are also expected to subscribe (opt-in) to your email list. All subscribers are validated by double opt-in.
Welcome email revenue/opt-in ℹ️The average revenue per recipient expected from welcome email flows sent to new subscribers.
Campaign email revenue/opt-in ℹ️The average revenue per recipient expected from campaign emails. The revenue & ROI estimates assume a weekly email campaign.
Revenue & ROI
New monthly email opt-ins ℹ️The average estimated new email opt-ins monthly attributable to each Instagram giveaway campaign. -
New annual attributable revenue ℹ️The average estimated new revenue over 12 months attributable to running one monthly Instagram giveaway with POPSMASH. -
Monthly POPSMASH cost ℹ️The cost of using the POPSMASH Shopify app each month. -
Annual POPSMASH ROI ℹ️The average estimated ROI of using POPSMASH to get new email subscribers. -

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How these estimates are calculated

Follower growth, giveaway entry & email opt-in rates are based on thousands of Instagram giveaways. Revenue data is from Klaviyo & assumes a weekly newsletter. Data extrapolated over 12 months & assumes a monthly Instagram giveaway to estimate annual attributable revenue & ROI (more details).

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