Turn Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Own the relationship with your audience to monetize better & 10X social media ROI.

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10X social ROI in 10 minutes.

Social media is how your find your customers, but email marketing is how you convert them.

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60 day money-back guarantee

Monetize Followers

Get email addresses from your followers to sell products, merch & more.

Profitable Collabs

Earn more from  collabs  by collecting high-value email addresses on autopilot.

Data Driven Insights

See campaign performance data & track funnel conversion rates.

How it works

Followers to subscribers in 3 steps



Connect Instagram  to POPSMASH in  a few clicks.



Create an Instagram post for your campaign (we'll help).



We'll automatically collect & validate email addresses.

why it works

Social is for discovery,
email is for conversion.

Engage followers where they are, in ways they love to drive action.

Social media is for fun

People use social media for fun. Win attention with engagement. Instagram giveaways get 4X more engagement than other posts.

Incentives drive action

Instagram users love giveaways and bend over backwards to enter. Require entering an email address for giveaway entry.

Email ROI is 10X social

We automate the collection & validation of email lists along with facilitating the Instagram giveaways in a few clicks.

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We support all your favorite email marketing services & CRMs.

Universal CSV export capability enables importing new email addresses & leads to any email marketing service or CRM.

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Industry leaders

We're #1 at turning Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Own the customer relationship by turning social followers into email subscribers for 10X higher ROI and more opportunities to monetize.

60 day money-back guarantee